Easter with an EV





The easing of restrictions for travel within Wales presented my first opportunity to use my EV for a long weekend with the family.

We headed to our happy place on the west coast, fully loaded with 5 and a boot full for a 4 day weekend.

Charging Opening Position : 100%

Anticipated Range: 270 miles (from the car’s display)

Charging Closing Position : 10%

Range Covered : 243 miles (remaining range 25 miles)

Additional Charging Range : 30 miles (National Trust – FOC)

MicrosoftTeams image 6


Over 4 days we covered 243 CO2 free miles, I took the opportunity to use the free facilities at the National Trust venue to top up range (30miles added for free while we did the Easter Egg Hunt)

The anticipated range of the car was 270 + the extra 30 =  300. 243 covered + 25 remaining = 268. So real world usage was 89% of anticipated.

Wonderful Easter weather. A chance to get away with family to our favourite places. Fun, hugely capable transport for a family of 5 with minimal environmental footprint. A really enjoyable weekend and experience.





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