Is Your Business Customer Friendly?

It’s an important question, right? Even if your customer service is fantastic and your customers are at the heart of what you do, it doesn’t necessarily mean your business is customer friendly.

To provide for your customers, you need to be offering services others in your industry aren’t. It’s about enhancing their experience, making their lives easier and providing more opportunity.

That’s where Electric Vehicle Charging comes in.

How to provide your customers with the next opportunity?

Electric vehicle sales are growing rapidly as more models come to market. With a huge commitment from manufacturers for 2021, and the anxiety of how far you can travel on a charge reducing through battery advances, it is a change your business should get ahead of.

Why are electric vehicles the answer?

Given our current situation, we’re now more mindful of our environment, being sustainable and taking care of our planet. We’ve seen the positive impact of reducing our carbon footprint first-hand and as a collective, we have no plans to slow down on helping our planet.

When we went into lockdown, electricity demand fell drastically, and the National Grid responded by taking power plants off the network. The last four remaining coal-fired power stations were the first to come offline and we haven’t burnt coal to create electricity since April 9th, meaning lower levels of CO2 and a re-balanced national energy system.

Now I’m sure that sounds great, but how does that affect your business, right? Here’s how…

How do electric vehicles affect your business?

There are two simple facts:

  1. Increasingly, more of your customers will drive electric vehicles and their mindset will shift. Their decision on where to go will suddenly have an important factor, where can they charge their vehicle? Range anxiety will take a while to overcome whilst we build our charging infrastructure and battery technology improves to higher levels. As a forward-thinking business, you need to meet these needs and put your business at the forefront of supporting this change.

Consumers will actively choose businesses that align with their personal values and help them meet their needs.

We’ve seen plenty of evidence of this on social media too, where Hotel A wins the business over Hotel B, as the customer has the peace of mind of charging their vehicle when they arrive to stay.

If you’re a hotel, pub, restaurant, leisure facility, event venue or if you have a car park, you need to consider your positioning to meet these considerations. If you don’t have a car park, where is the nearest charge point and can you capture customers from there?

  1. If people are charging their vehicle, they’ve got time to kill with a minimum of 30 minutes.

Can you offer them goods or services conveniently during that time? Goods to browse, services to consume or personal administration capability? COVID19 has given rise to a range of business model changes and this is another opportunity for you to adapt and grow.

Another key business for this question is the traditional service station. Petrol and diesel revenues will fall, and you’ll have a captive audience should you add electric vehicle charging points. Does your facility fit the bill for customers who have time and money to spend with you?

To ensure your business is customer friendly and ahead of the change, contact us here today. We can get you ahead of the curve, providing more opportunity for your customers and growing as a business because of it.

Or to find out more about electrical vehicles, how they could save your company thousands, and how you can receive a government grant for them, download our free PDF here


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