Our Christmas Gift To You – EVC Leasing Here We Come!

When I was a boy, all I wanted for Christmas was a toy car.

Now, things have changed a little… but only for the better.

That’s why, we can offer you our innovative and future-forward, EV charger leasing programme, designed for those who want to spread out the cost of installing EVC capability.


Leasing Electrical Vehicle Chargers is our gift to you.

Still not sure why you should put it on your wish list?

It practically pays for itself.

Lots of businesses are concerned about the environmental impact of their fleets and looking to transition to electric, but not all are capable of covering the cost of installing EVC upfront.

Your lease payments will cover all of the costs of hardware, software and maintenance on a fixed monthly basis. This will free up capital for other priorities and enable your business to grow whilst still moving in the right direction.

Depending on which package you choose, all of our services, equipment, installation fees and extended warranties are wrapped up in one low monthly payment. A typical installation of two dual chargers (that’s the ability to charge 4 vehicles) would be less than £250 per month.

Plus, over time, Electric Vehicles cost far less to run than combustion engines. And there’s less tax. Win-win.


Eliminate risk with your lease.

With advances in technology being made all the time, leasing gives you access to the very latest without the fear of your equipment becoming obsolete.

We will continue to maintain your charging points and make sure they are running in the very best condition.

Get a new lease of life when it comes to your business! We offer all the support you need to drive easily, safely and cost-effectively.


Find out more about the options that we offer when it comes to EVC here, or call us on 01691 581 581.

From all of us here at Sureworks, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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