Our Electric Vehicle Experience!

Here at Sureworks, we stand behind everything we do. We also wouldn’t suggest anything for you and your business unless we believed in it.

Which is why, it’s only right that we use electric vehicles. That’s right! We’re taking charge of our future too by switching our fleet to electric.

The question is, what do we really think about electric vehicles now we have one?

It’s been a month since we switched to our electric van and so we thought we’d share our findings with you. We are all about honesty, transparency, and trust here at Sureworks, so we wanted to reveal all about living with an electric vehicle. Here goes…



  • It’s better for our planet – Most importantly, we’re loving the driving experience and being able to reduce our CO2 footprint!
  • It’s more cost-effective – With a full charge available and 658 miles covered, the electricity cost to date is £48. Not to mention, the insurance was considerably cheaper than the diesel equivalents too 💸
  • It’s a smoother drive – Awesome driving experience, reduction in CO2 and running costs 👍🏼
  • We know of an excellent company that can lease EV charging points to reduce cost and maintenance (wink, wink, nudge, nudge…)


Cons (because we are all about honesty here!)

  • We haven’t quite got the full range yet – We’re not getting the published 143-mile manufacturer range for this battery (50 kWh) so we have to manage which jobs we can use it for. However, this is something we are looking into. Plus this range still covers our standard locations jobs with a 100-mile round trip, which is 95% of our work!


To find out more about Electric Vehicles, how we can help you get access to government grants, and advise and guide you on your workplace charging options, including a low-cost lease option, check out our latest blog post here or call our team on 01691 581 581.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on our experience with EV on our socials here!

Take care and take charge!


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