Office for Zero Emission Grant Changes – effective April 2022






Changes to the existing grant systems (EVHS for domestic and WCS for commercial) announced in April 21 have now had their eligibility criteria published.


The changes are intended to support the drive towards net zero by 2050.


For the domestic scheme flats with off street parking are targeted for eligibility:


  • £350 for owners or those renting (current provision)


  • non-resident building owners (such as landlords and social housing providers) can now to apply for a £350 grant per socket (200 applications per year limit)


  • owners of apartment blocks, up to £30k per building (minimum of 5 bay/1 charger provision)


For the commercial scheme, the eligibility extends to the following with private parking:


  • small accommodation businesses (such as B&B’s and campsites) and charities for guests at £350 per socket


  • owners of commercially let properties up to £350 per socket with a 100 application per year limit)


  • additional help for small and medium sized enterprises to provision their staff or fleet carparks – up to £15k will be available per building with a maximum of 5 grants available.



Whilst the eligibility changes still only apply to those with private/off street parking, they represent a positive move in extending the grant scheme to promote adoption.


If you’d like to discuss how these changes could help your business or customers, please get in touch with






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