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Sureworks, as a local business invested in the community, we think it’s important that we are transparent with our customers and make it clear what ‘doing business with Sureworks’ is really like.

One of the key considerations that we take pride in is our environmental contribution. We believe that we all have a part to play in protecting our planet, and by working together in this we can really make an impact.

What have we done to become more environmentally friendly?

We sought ISO14001 accreditation early on in the business, as we wanted to embed a management system to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and cut waste management costs.

Given the way we support our customers for energy efficient buildings and electric vehicles adoption, we thought it would be valuable to create a simple scorecard for tracking our progress towards an (initially) Net Zero Carbon footprint.

In time, we hope we can adjust these targets to become a Carbon Negative company.

Our intention with sharing this information is to give a practical display of how we’re thinking and to show how an SME with limited time and budget can still ‘do the right thing’ to try and help the impact on the environment.

Screenshot 2021 09 16 at 13.05.16

The table above represents Sureworks’ initial main focus areas.

Additionally to these figures, we have the employee element. Given our work geography, all of our team are local, meaning they do not need to commute far. We also want to further explore the principle of carbon offsetting in the future.

The next priority for us on becoming as environmentally friendly as possible, is on the measures. We want to have clarity on current utilisation then the realisation of CO2 savings as result of the measures we’re implementing. We will be providing an update on this in November.

Sureworks provide an extensive range of electrical services. We offer reliable, professional and first-class services, leaving you feel confident that you’re in very safe hands. From installation, testing and inspection to planned maintenance, rest-assured we’ve got all your electrical needs covered.

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