The 5 Most Common Problems We See When Visiting Businesses
When you’ve been doing site assessments and safety inspections for some time, you tend to see the same problems showing up again and again. 
So, here it is. The top five problems we regularly come across:


  1. Electrical connections that are loose
Loose electrical connections can cause multiple problems in equipment and appliances, heat being the most common one. Connections need to be regularly checked to make sure they are mechanically tight and safe to use.


  1. Electrical fittings that are damaged
Damage to existing electrical fittings, such as sockets and switches, can result in damage to the  wiring, heightening the risk of an electrical shock.


  1. Alterations that are not safe
A common fault found during safety inspections is electrical work that has been carried out by an unqualified person. Such work often needs rectifying by a qualified electrician to ensure it is safe.


  1. Circuit breakers that are not tripping in time
Circuit breakers are designed to turn off under certain fault conditions. If the incorrect breaker is installed, or the existing breaker is not installed correctly, the cabling may be damaged and not functioning properly.


  1. Old installations that are not up to current standards.

Regulations change over time to increase safety standards. Older installations may be out of date and need work to ensure they are safe and compliant with current regulations.

So, there you go, our top five, although of course there are also many others. But, if seeing a list like that feels a little overwhelming, it’s OK – most of the problems we come across can be sorted quickly, easily and in a very cost effective way.  

We’ve got you covered and we’re here to take the worry off your plate.

Why not talk to our team today on 01691 581 581 and schedule a free site visit? We’ll keep you safe, protected and compliant.


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