Three Reasons ISO 9001 is helping your business!

ISO 9001? What? Sounds like gibberish, right? It isn’t, we promise.

In fact, we are going to tell you what it is and the positive impact it is having on your business!

Sure, ISO 9001 has been adopted by over 1,000,000 organisations all over the world to monitor, manage and improve their products and services… but what exactly is it?

The short answer? It’s another acronym: a QMS (or, quality management system).

But there’s much more to ISO 9001 than that, which is why we have implemented it in our business here at Nexus. It’s an international standard that has massively helped us to work smarter and achieve our goals, allowing us…


1 – More Flexibility


It has allowed us to define our objectives for ourselves.

Rather than telling us how to run our business or what we should aim for, IOS 9001 simply helps us out with the guiding principles to meet regulatory requirements, streamline processes and create new opportunities.  

Plus, because it’s not just about statistics, QMS comes up with approaches that embrace our whole business model. That means it can factor in ideas of sustainability and transparency which we value so highly as a team.


2 – Greater Efficiency

Using this standard has helped to lower costs, control processes, identify opportunities, communicate with customers, ensure compliance and set a clear direction for Nexus.

The list goes on; there are so many advantages that it just wouldn’t be an efficient use of our time or energy to name them all!


3 – Less Risk

ISO 9001 is the only QMS standard that can be certified, so we can trust in our services completely.

And you can too! Our use of ISO 9001 means less risk for clients and customers since we can now understand your requirements and work to meet them much more easily.

We are always finding new ways to improve, grow and instil confidence, for we think it’s about working smarter, not harder. Our team is passionate about doing a skilled and professional job that will take care of all your specialist electrical needs. ISO 9001 has freed our minds to do just that. Every time.


To find out more about our flexible, efficient and trusted services, call our team today on 01691 581 581.


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